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It was May 27th, 2019 – a day that changed the lives of many Daytonians forever.  Tornadoes destroyed our homes and families alike.  It was early the next morning and we began getting a lot of phone calls from homeowners.  We were quick to get moving, tarping, and protecting as many homes as we could.  We helped families call in insurance claims and did our best to guide them along the process because they had enough that they were dealing with and wanted to take at least one burden off them.  We hope that tragedy was a one-time thing but even so, Ohio often gets hit with many windstorms and hailstorms that can cause damage to your roof and home.  At Josh A Roofing, we specialize in the insurance industry and will work with your insurance company to restore its home to its natural pre-storm beauty. See specific info about our insurance processes below.

In addition to Dayton, we also serve the following areas: Middletown, Franklin, Lebanon, Springboro, Carlisle, Germantown, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Moraine, Kettering, New Lebanon, Beavercreek, Xenia, Centerville, Fairborn, Enon, Springfield, Huber Heights, New Carlisle, Vandalia, Tipp City, Troy, Piqua, and Sidney.

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FAQ Regarding Dayton Area Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Will insurance pay for my roof after a Dayton area storm?

Dayton residents can get insurance involved in their roof based on a few different things. Is there storm damage related to the condition of your roof? This means most often hail damage, wind damage or tree damage to your property.  We cannot stress this enough though, DO NOT file an insurance claim on your roof without the guidance and direction from a professional roofing contractor who knows the ins and outs of the insurance claims process.  We are your eyes and ears on your roof.  Please contact Josh A Roofing for specific details on this process. Some details we have outlined below to help.

What are the detailed steps we take during the insurance process after a Dayton area storm?

Beginning Process

  1. Free inspection and consultation.
  2. Figure out if the roof is repairable or needs to be replaced
  3. If repair will suffice and we can find a matching shingle we will submit a quote for the repair and wait for a homeowner decision and after decision will complete the repair if requested for the agreed upon price.
  4. If replacement is needed we will attempt to get it paid for through insurance if storm damage is found on the roof. If storm damage is not found on the roof and it just needs replaced due to old age then we will issue a competitive quote and wait on the homeowners decision. Insurance steps we take are below.

Insurance Steps Below

  1. Call in claim with homeowner present to be sure all the important details are mentioned in the claim request
  2. Wait for the assigned insurance adjustor to call the homeowner. The homeowner tells insurance adjustor they want their contractor present for the inspection and tells insurance adjustor to call us to arrange ideal time
  3. We will meet the adjustor at the property for the inspection to make sure the homeowners best interest are communicated and protected.
  4. We can never guarantee the insurance company will pay for the roof but many times that is the case. Our company will work with the insurance company to generate an estimate for the homeowner. After the insurance company sends the homeowner the estimate we at Josh A Roofing will sign a contract with the homeowner for the total cost of the estimate. We will let you pick out your shingle color and all the other specifics and we will soon be on the way to your new roof and/or gutters.
  5. Insurance sends a partial check for the job to get started. That serves as a down payment for our company.
  6. Our company sends to insurance the proof of the completed new roof and insurance sends the remaining funds, which are paid to our company along with the deductible that is being paid by the homeowner.
  7. Please refer to the Residential/Commercial Roofing Section for more details and shingles and products specific to the install of your roof.

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